Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - News & Pre-Discussion Thread
  • Congrats on the new GOTY From!

  • Really looking forward to this.
  • How are people finding it?

    I'm enjoying it, but this is some brutal shit. It shares some similarities with Dark Souls and Bloodborne, but it is a very different game. It's much harder than Soulsborne games, and not just because you can't summon help. The enemies hit hard, you don't, and healing is scarce. Every time you die you lose about half your accumulated xp and money, with no chance to reclaim either of them, so in that way it is similar yet even more punishing than Souls. There is very little in the way of build customisation. You get a sword, some unlockable skills, and a prosthetic arm that can have up to 3 different attachments on it at once. These attachments are things like throwing stars, flamethrowers, and an axe. All of these are obtainable fairly early in the game. If you loved Dark Souls/Bloodborne for the variety in builds and/or pvp, Sekiro may disappoint you.

    The grappling hook is fun and has a very Spiderman feel to it. It also allows you to engage or escape enemies from multiple angles. You can use it to break line of sight with enemies so that they stop pursuing you, but this won't work with named enemies, who always know where you are once they spot you.

    The game is very stealth-focused, and I feel like this is From Software doing a modern Tenchu, much like Demons' Souls was a revamped Kings Field back in the day. Like I said I'm enjoying it, but it is punishingly hard at times (reminds me a bit of Ninja Gaiden). Without the multiplayer aspect or the ability to create different builds, I'm not sure how long I'll stick with it once I finish it though.
  • Jim Sterling's review confirmed my suspicions. An all parry, no friends Souls game sounds unpleasant. I needs my Souls game to have some cheesy options, or at least some patient options. All parry, no thanks.

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