Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 04/06/18
  • Nothing because I am perpetually busy and will be for a long time and so gaming is basically dead and has been for awhile now.
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  • Prey, I have gone on a whole trip with this game from, Heh this is okay, to fucking hell I'm a shotgun wielding machine to finally eh this is just tedious now. I am literally 2 missions from the end but I think I'm done. Like fully done with the game. It's not that it's hard, I'm just not finding it fun.

    A little more San Andreas, a little more PUBG and a tiny bit of Forza 7. The latter is thanks to @Littleg bringing the game up.

    Speaking of that. G your divertar (is that how you spell that made up word) is driving with what I can only describe as a kinder Bueno wrap on its car. Is that the sort of stuff you drive in?

    I played through the world cup mode in FIFA 18. It's short but it's more FIFA and it's free. Can't moan. Finally, Pokémon red. My parents are moving house so on my day off I went over and cleared all my shit out.

    I found my old Gameboy colour, the sexy purple thing. With Pokémon red still in there. Picked up some batteries and long story short 6 hours in, 3 gym badges and a fucking awesome charmeleon.
  • The DOOM announcement at E3 compelled me to go back and finish off my DOOM 2016 plat.

    Also been playing Dark Souls Remastered. Now thinking what my 3rd character will be. Maybe a strength build of some sort, or magic. I haven't done a magic build for a while.

    Rise of the Tomb Raider, again prompted by the Shadow trailer at E3. Might finish off this plat too.

    I also had a go at Detroit and Vampyr. Detroit is barely a game but it's interesting so far. It seems better than Beyond Two Souls which is good. Vampyr is enjoyable. We don't have many vampire games to begin with so it's nice. There's a lot of talky talky in it but the combat is fun. It feels a bit like The Surge at times, definitely influenced by the Souls games with the stamina management and whatnot. No bonfires though, and you don't lose XP on death.

    That's about it for this week.
  • Mostly Warframe and some current free PSN games, X com 2, zombie cars, and some motorbike balancing game

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