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  • Sony

    Last of Us 2, Spider Man and Days Gone and Death Stranding. I only care about the first two. Probably going to announce a couple of new things, but I doubt anything that will blow my mind. It is one year too soon for PS5. Next year is going to be a way bigger E3.


    Gears 5 and a ton of promises so far in the future that it will make Days Gone sliding year after year look like nothing. I think there will be titles named that won't come out until the next generation.


    I have not even started to play through what I have on the Switch. I am not a Nintendo guy, so Pokemon means little to me.


    We all know I am the biggest Bethesda fanboy in the world. I know we are not getting TES or Fallout, but I think I am most hyped for whatever Space RPG they are going to melt my brain with. Daddy wants to spend two hundred hours talking to strange mannikin faced people. Daddy is not proud.


    This is the biggest unknown. We know they will announce something, and we all really hope they will announce two somethings. Come on new IP and something bloodsouls!

    Otherwise I am psyched for Borderlands 3, literally the only coop I do. I really hope for some serious surprises, but I think this will be one of those late generation E3s that just sort of trucks along.
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  • How about those Rage 2 rumours? There's a game nobody asked for!

    I read an interview with 343 somewhere and they basically said don't expect much Halo 6 anytime soon. I guess there could be a progress update or some sort of teaser thing but I got the impression it's still a long way off. Besides, they're on thin ice too after completely blowing it with Halo 5. They need Halo 6 to redeem themselves.

    From is working on at least 3 projects so there had better be something. I'm guessing 1 of those 3 is the Dark Souls Remaster, and I would be super surprised if there's a Bloodborne 2, but something souls-like is always welcome. For the other 2 I'm thinking Tenchu and Armored Core are definitely on the cards. They've also said they want to do an open world rpg type game next which coupled with that Shadows Die Twice trailer makes me think Tenchu. I really don't see Shadow Tower making a comeback. Speaking of shadows though, if anyone wants to remaster Koudelka and the Shadow Hearts series, or even just release them as downloads on PSN, I'm in.

    Microsoft is baffling. They talk about committing to more exclusives so soon after scrapping a basically finished Scalebound? Wtf guys, pick up the phone and write a cheque to Platinum already! Sony is publicly fisting you.

    Nintendo and the Switch have a lot of future titles I'm interested in, but nothing I see coming this year. Maybe Bayonetta 3? Any release date for No More Heroes 3 would be cool too.

    Game of the show, if it's there, will be Shaq Fu 2. No doubt.

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  • Cliffy B has crashed and burned, and now it's back to the retirement village for him. Bye Cliff.


  • Resident Evil 7 coming to the Switch, but it's impossible to get excited about imo.

    The game is called "Cloud Version" and will be streamed to the Switch. Your console will have about 40MB of data on it and it requires a constant online connection. You can try out the first 15 minutes for free, then you have to pay, 2000yen for 6 months (about $20US). It will include all DLC. I hope this is not going to become a trend. I want to own games on a system, not rent them in perpetuity. Luckily RE7 is on every system, so I'll be sticking with those.

  • Hoping to see more of this one at E3 too, and a release date. I had completely forgotten about it until this video popped up.

  • If Fallout 3 on the Switch runs well, then I am in. The DLC on PS3 was damn near unplayable. The big battle at the end of The Pitt ran at a frame every other second. Vegas also had DLC that ran like crap.
  • Fallout 3 DLC was a nightmare on PS3. The Pitt and the Mothership ran at 1fps if that, and was the reason I never bothered finishing either. It's also the reason I never even bothered with the New Vegas DLC. Once bitten, twice shy. I'd be down for another trip to Fallout 3 on Switch, but they'd better have fixed some of the technical issues, or no thanks.
  • Man, I guarantee we'll see some Code Vein. I'm excited for it a bunch.
  • Colon cancer at 33 is truly terrible luck.

    I still would bet PS5 in 2020. I just would.
  • Fallout 76

  • I read that it's like a day Z clone with the base building from 4. Which would be pretty cool. Maybe?
  • I actually don't hate the ESO formula. That's a damn fun game with friends.

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