Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 07/05/18
  • Yeah, you could buy a Bone S and play old games on it, or you could buy a PS4 and play new ones. I know which way I'd go if I was considering a leap into the current gen. The Bone's biggest selling point is "games you played last gen". Hold me back!

    God Of War - Platted it. Top game. It has some issues and questionable design choices, and is definitely not a 10/10 game, but it's fun. There's talk of adding a NG+ feature in the future and I guess we'll see some sort of DLC, but I'm done with it for now.

    Onechanbara Z2: Chaos - Played through the campaign. I've played all these games since the PS2 and finally got around to Z2. It was what I expected, even better than I expected, without failing to be the B grade schlock that it's always been.

    Oh, and Nintendo, I'm ready for the new No More Heroes now....please?
  • I got stuck inside a hill and no reloading or restarting got me out. In oneechambara stopped playing it.

    Have been playing warframe a lot, big update coming soon, mastery level 14 now

    Played some of the psn+ games from this month
  • No real video gaming this week. The kids extracurriculars are ramping up. The real culprit has been trading and building an Elder High Dragon deck for Magic. Gonna play the sucker tonight.
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  • I started playing San Andreas. I'm not even sure why. I saw it on my list of games. I never actually finished it. My save for corrupted way back on the PS2 and every time I've gone back to it the opening hour or so has always seemed too much of a slog for me.

    Well I got past that hour and the game shows its age. No directions when driving (I mean really do I have to keep stopping to look at the map). No checkpoint system. I die I have to start the mission over possibly losing a good half hour of gameplay. Some of these missions are hell of tedious too. I don't know how many times I've followed a train on a motox bike just to fail at the last minute by no fault of my own. I'm getting so frustrated at this game while enjoying my experience at the same time. Weird right?

    As well as that I've been dropping into PUBG on Xbox One here and there. It runs like shit still. I'm enjoying it though. I don't see me ever getting that chicken dinner but I'll keep trying.

    Finally God of War amazing game, beautiful, fun. So why am I chosing to play San Andreas over this?
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  • Well, in that case, buy a Bone in a Forza/FIFA bundle and never look back I suppose.
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  • Going digital only on Switch is a brave choice. I picked up a 64gb sd card when I bought it and already regret not going for a bigger one, and I buy mostly physical versions where possible. Just Bayonetta and Resident Evil Revelations has eaten a third of my sd capacity. My Bone and PS4 each have a 2TB HDD in them so the limitations of the Switch's storage really hit me. It's also kinda shitty that there's no way to back up saves. No USB option like Sony and no free cloud unless you pay for it, and even that doesn't start until September.
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  • I don't even have a microSD card in my Switch. These three games fit on the internal and I know I'm not getting Zelda anytime soon. I’m waiting out microSD prices until I’ve “finished” Odyssey and Stardew or until Smash comes out.

    How are you finding your Switch, Flibble? I see a lot of people around Sydney with them. Instead of getting a screen protector, I got a sleeve for the dock.

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