2020 US Presidential Election
  • I know what you're thinking. Hey Ash, the election cycle in the US too short - We need to discuss 2020, so he here it is.

    With the 2016 election ensuring a glorious Trump victory, who will dare challenge this mighty man with feminine hands and lose to him in 2020?
  • It's tough to say. Elizabeth Warren makes sense. Cory Booker does too. But there are 2018 elections that will shape a lot of political careers and thus the ensuing run at 2020 or not.
  • Time for a Kardashian to run. They've had their black president, no doubt they'll want to try again for a woman. And if Kim gets the job Bruce, pardon, Caitlyn, would be a shoe in for the following election. Perhaps he could even claim Indian ancestry like that Warren fraudster. Democrats would shower their keyboards, TVs, and each other in ejaculate at that one.
  • If we have an election in 2020, that will be something of a victory.
  • If the American people like to be screwed so much the next president should be a pornstar! :P
  • President Kamacho would, sadly, be an improvement.
  • Let's just grab the next big reality TV idiot and have them run. They would be as much use.

    Snooki for president I say.

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