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  • I'll cut to the point I have a very aged desktop now. It runs games barely and well I'm pretty much done with the space it takes up.

    Here's my question to you guys.

    I want something small to sit below my PC that can play movies and TV shows at 1080p. Maybe use a little for work purposes but not too regularly. Also just random surfing the web.

    I have never had a Mac before and I'm also interested in jumping into that Eco system just to check it out. You know something new.

    The Mac Mini seems affordable and small is it a good option for the uses I said above. I know it's not the best desktop and that's not what I'm looking for?

    I'm just looking for a little box to bang below my TV and watch videos on. Thoughts?

    Oh also an iPhone user and own an Apple TV. So I can sync my photos and get messenger on it right and the Apple TV remote works too I'm told which is a bonus.

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