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  • I already have the "What are you reading" thread, but I was curious to see what people would actively suggest to read. So here's what I want to know: what books do you deem an absolute must read. You can list off as many books as you'd like, and regardless of however many you choose, please give reasons. Also, I'm counting comic books as well.
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  • One Hundred Years of Solitude
    Huckleberry Finn
    Lord of Light
    Startide Rising
    A Fire Upon the Deep
    Stranger in Strange Land
    Democracy in America
  • "A book written by a woman"?

    Fairly generic title. I'd give it only 1 star based solely on that. Who's the author? A woman?

    Why should we make a conscious effort to read women? Isn't that a bit sexist? Or are you implying the mythical patriarchy exists here too? Are you also saying that reading ANY book written by ANY woman has the potential to be more important than anything else you listed? Wow, your sexism. It reeks! Despite many of the world's most regarded literature both then and now being written by women? Even in patriarchy shitlord Japan we manage to hold the honor of producing what is thought to be the world's first full length novel and it was written by......a woman. The level of stupid on these forums is mind-boggling.

    My list of books people should read is:

    Whatever appeals to you, by various authors. If you keep an open mind instead of staying in your comfort zone and confirming your bias, you'll learn a lot, and your natural curiosity will lead you to the good stuff. If you can't challenge your own thinking or beliefs, you are damned to be a member of the drooling masses forever, and you'll read as appropriate. Make your choice and own it.

    Be literate, not just able to read. Be mathematically, economically (don't confuse this with being financially literate, which is also important), and scientifically literate. Understand that the scientific method is just that, a method of inquiry, not a belief system, and not infallible. Read some philosophy. Once you start using your own mind, you can impress at dinner parties with your own thoughts and opinions, rather than regurgitating snippets and quotes from books people have likely heard of but never read. Be careful though, nothing frightens people like the truth.
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