Thoughts on Paris
  • Just going WTF, ISIS has now pissed off metal fans, 120 people dead RIP man!
  • Epke, I heard it was closer to 160.
  • They mentioned 153 on CNN Japan now.
  • I have no idea how France will respond. ISIS believes the end is nigh. They are lashing out at any target they can hit more than trying hit those who oppose them most strongly. Europe is simply a softer target for them.
  • Well, considering Hollande is totally insane he will probably respond by unliking ISIS on his Facebook. That'll teach 'em. He responded to the massive wave of refugees with the brilliant idea to launch air strikes on Syria last month, so we must expect a similar level of reason and logic this time around too.
  • It always bothers me that terrorist attacks in the West receive a stronger reaction than say the terrorist attack that just happened in Lebanon, or the death of 147 people at a university in Kenya.

    Are we just desensitised to what happens in the rest of the world because it always seems to happen, or is it because we value western lives more than others?
  • @AshGooner

    Good point, we are very numb to third world bombings.
  • For the same reason we worry about a friend who's been in a car accident and don't spend our days weeping for the thousands of others killed every year. Let each mourn their own.

    Damn straight I value some lives more than others. Anyone who says they value all lives equally is either a liar or a psychopath, possibly both. "A friend to all is a friend to none", as Aristotle said.
  • It's hard to imagine how they could possibly make things worse. The Middle East is a bonfire as it is. I don't know how this is all going to end but I do know we aren't finished counting bodies yet.
  • I found it all very upsetting, some fucked up shit.
  • Nice one Epke, every solution needs a problem!

    G, I watched that documentary you recommended last night. Not as good as Power of Nightmares but not bad. Bloody long though. It would have been nice if they'd gone into the petrodollar more. Few people understand the implications and the importance of them. But I suppose they wanted the viewer to stay awake. The Saudi's don't get called on near enough of their bullshit, same as Israel. As the SJW community would say, someone should check their privilege.
  • Can't we just send Sarkeesian to IS? I am sure she will talk some sense into them with her firm grasp on reality :P
  • Maybe after she's finished getting the UN to police the internet for trolls hurting her feels.

    I read today that Obama is again going after Assad. Apparently if Assad goes then IS will go away or some such nonsense. Hussein, Gaddafi, and Assad. All three men threatened the dollar, and only one still draws breath, and only because of Obama and Kerry's monumental fuck up a couple of years back. Will the US get their murder trifecta? Doesn't matter, the dollar is screwed either way.
  • Hussein was Bush, and without the invasion of Iraq, no ISIS. That was the most amazing American fuck up since Vietnam. Historians are gonna look back and think it was like if we had invaded Argentina after Pearl Harbor.

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