Falllout 4 Pipboy
  • Not interested in the slightest. I want to play the game, not dick about with Happy Meal bullshit. I will buy Fallout 4 eventually, but I might hold off at first to see how much of a glitch-fest it is. I'm also wondering if it's worth buying at all on release since a GOTY Ultra Deluxe all DLC included donkey punch edition is inevitable for next year.
  • I buy those things for peanuts when i see them in book off or sofmap a year after the fact.
  • @NewAgeRed recently I felt exactly the same way. Until bloodborne. I didn't pre order. Went into 3 Stores the day of and only 1 had a single copy left (minus the copies the clerks held for themselves obviously)
  • No desire for wrist thingy that will not even stay the right way round. Probably the whole smart phone app will not hold me. I never did anything with fallout shelter.

    The game is gonna be the bomb diggity. Cannot wait. Just me and the radio and wandering the wastes. Also, there will thousands of slow motion decapitations due to firearms. I am not sure how an antique repeater gets giant heads to unzip at the neck so politely, but I needs my vats fix real bad.

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