• I know there was probably a wrestling thread back in the day, but come on now it's long since dead.

    So I was wondering who actively watches wrestling here? What do you watch, and hey lets just shoot the shit about the state of Wrestling nowadays.

    As for me I lost interest a long time ago. I used to avidly watch Smackdown and Raw weekly up until I was probably 16. So 10 years have passed and I would occasionally pop back in. Watch the occasional Wrestlemania at a friends or the Royal Rumble (easily my favourite PPV). I would tend to stick my head back in whenever I heard The Rock had made a return. Watch for a week or two and then lose interest again.

    But now it seems the world of sports entertainment has hooked me all over again. It's probably down to listening to the power bombcast over on Giantbomb (their infrequent wrestling podcast) and wanting to know what's going on but I'm all in and loving it.

    I probably started watching again at last years Rumble (The one Daniel Bryan won) since then I have watched Raw every week and now subscribe to the WWE network at the low low price of 9.99. I watch a little NXT but not too much also.

    Recently I also got my girlfriend into it, which is cool. We can sit and watch it together and we have started going back and watching the standout PPVs in recent history (she especially liked the HHH and Brock match from 2013s mania).

    So do we have any fans here?
  • John Cena is flavorless nothing. Mick Foley came out with character after character. These used to be artists. Now it is corporate marketing. That Iron Sheik documentary takes you back to a time where these guys were actually allowed to develop their own ideas. Dusty Rhodes is dead. 244 pounds of solid steel. What a giant fat slob. What a performer. CM Punk is kind of a throw back at this point. He is going to be destroyed if he actually starts doing UFC.
  • How does one view NJPW in an affordable and convenient way, or is this all PPV? Old matches? This is all new to me.
  • Thank you for the overwhelming amount of information.
  • It's nice when people show an interest in an alternative to WWE (which I actually have no complaints about right now) - NJPW was absolutely on fire from 2012-2014, and is still really good. I can't recommend it enough.

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