Home theatre set up
  • I know basically nothing about 5.1 systems. Today I decided I wanted one. I'm looking for something that will simulatiously work on my PC, Xbox one and PS4. Will any 5.1 system work like that. Bang my speakers into my TV via optical out and connect all those through hdmi and will I get 5.1 as if by magic?

    Also what relatively cost effective systems are there out there?
  • Onkyo is my preferred brand. They have a bunch of moderately priced receivers and systems. I have 7 speakers and the woofer, but I bet 5 sounds just as good. I would go with 5 or a sound bar if I had it to do over again.

    I don't know much about sound bars or TVs that actually do a pretty good job being their own receiver. I love my old Panasonic plasma, but I do not think it can manage a home theater system. I will not be getting a new TV for some time. With two small children, any TV could get broken at any time. No point in getting some 70 inch 4K monster to try and watch NFL at actual scale, I would just worry too much.

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