• Saw it pop up in my YouTube feed the other day. Good show, sad that it'll be the last for a while, but such is life.

    I tried out Ingress, I totally get the addictive quality, I found myself walking the long way from home to work so I could pass by more lower level portals.

    And your most anticipated list finally got me to look at Evolve. I had kind of avoided it because it was always sold to me as this whole online e-sport thing and that immediately turned me away, but looking at some of the gameplay, especially on the Kraken, that game looks epic. I hear there's been a few problems with the alpha but I'm sure they'll get it all fixed up, even if it means delaying it.

    And yea I am pretty much with Tobin on the console front. I haven't bought any of them yet, even when I had the money to. There just hasn't been that one game yet that sells me on it. It's been a lot of disappointment and a lot of "tech demo" type of games. But I do think it might be worth getting one around Christmas this year.

    While there hasn't been one game to sell me, there's a stack if games I want to play on PS4. Shadow of Mordor, AC Unity, Dragon Age Inquisition, Farcry 4, Destiny I think is going to pick up soon, GTA V looks amazing on next gen, and then there is another stack coming. I mean if you have a gaming PC, I'm pretty sure you can get all of those already, but if you don't (like me) then the time for upgrading is coming.
  • Sad that will be the last episode until... my over under is 2016. I totally burned a pile of my data plan watching it during lunch. First world first world problems.

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