Infamous: Second Son Review (PS4)
  • It is a little sad that I am surprised to see a full game review on noobtoob. Glad to actually see it though. infamous Second Son is just excellent. The variety in powers was nice this time around. It is really the only compelling AAA exclusive that is on PS4 so far.
  • I have to say, Second Son is probably going to be my first PS4 game. Will be picking up a PS4 sometime soon!
  • I bought this game with my PS4 and still haven't finished it. I play it on and off but nothing really grips me. I don't see what you guys are seeing. I'm not a fan of the new protagonist at all, and find him so irritating that if I were not him I'd be rooting for the other team. The story too, has been far from riveting. Of course that may change as I haven't finished it, but so far it's been pretty bleh. I'll hold off on any additional comment until I'm finished, but so far I'd say comments regarding the excellence of the plot are exaggerated, or at least seen through some rose tinted glasses. Same goes for the city. I've been to Seattle, and have seen first hand what a dull and unremarkable city it is, so bravo for the devs for capturing that aspect. The mission where you dick about on the Space Needle was fun, but as for the rest of the city? Meh. The locales, and their inhabitants, are dull imo.

    The gameplay is good enough but it's Infamous, you've already played this twice before, and imo, with better powers in the first 2 games. I only have smoke and neon so far, but neither feel cool or bad-ass to me. I also am not a fan of the way the PS4 controller feels like a tech demo for most of the game. The way the touch pad has been implemented just annoys the shit out of me. Rubbing it to open doors or lift things; just let me press a button. I don't need the extra finger work in the name of "innovation".

    To sum up the game in a word I'd say "adequate". It's decent, and certainly very shiny and pretty for the graphics ho's, but lacking in every other way. This is my least favourite entry in the series, and I also think they should have gone with the evil ending for Infamous 2 as canon. It would have given them some great material for this game. But what's done is done I s'pose. Given that it's so cheap these days I can't recommend against buying it however, so do it.

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