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  • Super late but the series has only just aired on Channel 5!

    I like it. Will probably watch next week's episode. I find it strange that the show feels like it is set in the 50s or something, and yet people use mobile phones and it suddenly feels like it's set in the early 2000s. Some of the dialogue was fairly "No shit Sherlock", but it was entertaining. My knowledge of Batman pretty much only goes as far as the Arkham games, so it's cool to see some characters from the games as they were when Batman was just a child.

    Dunno how I feel about Alfred's portrayal though. Is he meant to talk like he's the head honcho of a sly British gang?
  • I've been watching it online (the UK is like 3 episodes behind so I wanted to keep up to date). So far I'm sort of in between liking and disliking it. I like the concept of it, I like the locations they're using, I like the actors they've chosen (particularly Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock and Robin Lord Taylor as Penguin).

    However, there are decisions they have made which for the moment I really can't see why. Like Fish Mooney, who grates against me as a character, I don't see the point of her. I don't understand the "Barbara used to be gay" story either, I know their relationship differs in different stories but I don't really understand this one. And some of the choices they've made with characters it feels like they were made just to ram them all into the show rather than because it actually makes sense, like Poison Ivy being that random druggy's daughter, and Riddler working with the police, Catwoman being there in the alley when the Wayne's were killed, it feels shoehorned in. Maybe that'll change in time, maybe their decisions will come good, but right now I'm a bit confused by that.

    And also, the general tone of the show is a bit confusing too. Like you have some characters who are being ultra serious all the time and then you've got the young Selina Kyle who feels more animated and more comic booky. There's some really great attempts at moments of buddy cop humour between Bullock and Gordon, but Ben McKenzie is so rigid that it feels wrong, it feels like Bullock is acting like he's in Batman '66 and Gordon is sat there going, "what the hell are you doing?"

    So far out of all the comic book related shows I've been watching, Arrow, Flash, Gotham, the pilot for Constantine, Agent's of SHIELD, Gotham feels like the weakest of the lot. Flash is probably the best of the new shows from what I've seen (though I have high hopes for Constantine).
  • Watched the newest episode of this. Some slight improvement but still meh.

    My biggest problem with the show, Fish Mooney. Jada Pinkett Smith does a good job and I'm sure they put a lot of work into her story. But, it's an original character, there is no Fish Mooney in any of the DC universes. And ordinarily that would be fine, I have no problem with writers wanting to put their own spin on things and include original characters. But in Gothams case, the entire show is based on the idea of "look at Gotham before Batman, look how these super villains came to be".

    Fish Mooney is doing all this scheming, getting in with the police, getting this girl to get at Falcone, trying to seduce the other mob bosses, the show spends about a quarter of its time looking at her and her schemes, but if she's not going to be there in the current timeline, I don't really care about her schemes because they obviously aren't going to work. It's incredibly obvious that she's going to fail and her and everyone she's been working with is going to end up getting crushed by the Falcone and Maroni families, and Penguin is going to fill the void. So it's like 15-20 minutes of dead air per episode.
  • @.Ethereal.

    The Wayne's are mentioned almost every episode, but it's not like they spend a lot of time on it. Bruce started off trying to see if he could find his parents killer, but he's seemingly given up to instead study how Gotham works in terms of where the links are between the mob and everyone else.

    Main focus of the show is Gordon and Bullock, with a secondary focus being on Mooney and Penguin.

    And @Manio

    Yea, I get that that's what they're going for, and what they're doing with Penguin is great. But the last episode they must have done 6 or 7 scenes with/involving Mooney. I'd rather see more of Penguin or Gordon or anybody. It's time that could be better used elsewhere.
  • I have to say that I totally forgot this was on on Monday night. I suppose it didn't interest me enough in the first episode. If there's nothing on in the upcoming Mondays I may watch an episode here and there.

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