Feminism on the rise?
  • probably the fact women are second class citizens in the world. feminism has always been there....
  • Modern day feminism is confusing to me. I thought that feminism meant that women should be equal to men in terms of rights and how women are treated, but the way feminists go about it - well, loud ones anyway - that is not the impression that I get. There are a lot of feminists who do actually want equality between men and women, and the spotlight should be put on them more.
  • Resident Evil 5 wasn't criticized because of killing black zombies in Africa, it was criticized for its portrayal of black people in Africa.
  • As someone who has spent several years in Africa, and who's father is an immigrant from Nigeria, It's accurate. Yes there are extremely civilized parts ans gorgeous natural scenery, but it is extremely unsafe and raw. The truth hurts, but if they're telling the truth what can you do? Everyone is extremely poor and desperate in most parts of the country. And all these volunteers and missionary services are only digging our hole deeper. They come and do all the jobs for virtually free.

    We cant even create some sort of infrastructure. And omg don't get me started on how fucked the Ivory Coast is right now. + Ebola is making everyone lose their Damn mind. Resident Evil Africans are looking quite nice compared to the real thing.
  • Srry for grammar, on my phone.

    Also, I really like your approach to feminism @tallchick
  • That was a fascinating read @tallchick ! And welcome back to the forum! :)
  • Dreams alter our reality every day, except that in the creative process they are called 'ideas'.

    People agree on ideas, they become popular, and the worldview shifts. This happens all the time.

    Two hundred years ago, none of the civil liberties we enjoy today existed. Even white males were not all free then; some lived as little better than slaves to lordlings in the kingdoms of Europe. My own great-grandparents were serfs.

    Look at how far we've come since the end of the Napoleonic Era, at what has happened in America alone in the last 200 years alone!

    I think all of us have come a long way and there's no reason we can't progress further. You're right, not everything is perfect. But (imo) to hell with not at least TRYING to get better.

    The challenge I put to myself is: How to recognize and celebrate our ethnic, cultural, biological, etc., differences in a more positive way, without it becoming disdainful, hateful, or 'us versus them'?

    The world can change. The world does change. The world is change. Life is change :D

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