Slender Man Nutjob Girls
  • I dunno. I am American and many aspects of this culture feel foreign to me. We are seemingly OK with regular mass shootings. If little white girls are now a source of murder...
  • Well kids killing kids isn't new, nor unique to the US. Not much consolation there but whackjobs are a human problem, not an American one.

    Yeah, speaking of mass killers, the Elliot Rodger murders the other week were a media debacle too. Last week was feminist bullshit, this week will be anti-gamer bullshit.
  • Gun control has worked elsewhere in the world but appears impossible in the US. I could vomit pure bile.
  • Knives don't kill people! People kill people, Those kids just used Slender man as an excuse to try to kill someone. And there is a difference between the Democrats and the Republicans? i thought the only difference was the name.
    Noobied by 1shozaya
  • I wasn't really talking about the Dems versus the Reps in those ramblings. As you said, not really much difference between the 2 parties these days. One advocates robbing Peter to pay Paul, the other to rob Paul to pay Peter. These politicians and parties have no moral integrity or values, they flip flop more frequently than a pair of sandals at a beach.

    The minimum wage debate is another interesting one where you can see a lot of half-baked ideology being tossed about on both sides.
  • The US is so bifercated that getting a POW back is cause to call the president a traitor.
  • As with Elliot Rodgers though, you got to wonder about the parenting going on behind the scenes. Everyone is quick to blame video games or whatever, but how about the parents. They had NO knowledge their 12 year old was a sick creepy little fuck pop? Really? Did they even pay attention to what she was looking at online? Call me a dinosaur, but I'd like to believe a parent can still have more influence on a child's life than a website.
  • Westsw, that POW story has been getting some exposure here so I have been doing some reading on it. From what I've read, that guy was not a POW, he was a deserter. A deserter who went on to supply the enemy with intel so they could conduct more efficient raids, and I also read 6 other troops got killed in the search for him after he went AWOL. Then there's Obama skipping laws and protocols he himself signed off on to release 5 nutbags to get back one deserter. I know Obama sucks at math and economics but fuck me, that doesn't sound like a bad deal to anyone else? And the "US doesn't negotiate with terrorists" bullshit has to stop. Nobody buys that anymore. I mean shit, many people think Americans ARE the terrorists!

    Feel free to correct anything I got wrong here, it's just what I read. Based on what I've read though, people who are pissed off are not so without reason.

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