• It is good, anchored by an amazing performance. I remember when River Phoenix died, and nobody had heard of his brother. Thought he was gonna be like James Belushi, shows what I know.

    In terms of the wronged male descending into narcissistic rage genre, this movie ranks ok. It is better than King of Comedy or Falling down. It is not in the same tier as Taxi Driver or Fight Club. It certainly references King of Comedy constantly, since Deniro as Murray basically walked straight out of that film.

    Back to the good part. Oh my lord that performance. Phoenix is the dancing Harlequin of real pain and delusional joy. Thin and expressing himself through dance. The guy just pours emotion out of the screen and makes an extreme monster relatable. I feel the performance was so strong that they really did not need the Joker IP. Phoenix is doing his own angry clown. The Batman tie ins feel forced and unnecessary. I never need to see a string of pearls break ever again.

    This is one of the films that will define the Trump era. There have been angry white guy flips out on world movies before. This one is going to gross a ton, because there have never been this many angry white guys. You can now be as poor and hopeless as anyone else. Welcome to equality. They pissed about it. Joker pissed. Trump is one expression of that impotent rage.
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