Week...Maybe Weeks in Gaming 18/03/2019
  • Overwatch - Gave the new character Baptiste and go. Not really feeling this iteration of Overwatch. Maybe after Blizzard do some more 'balancing' I'll get back into it.

    Anthem - Platted it. Despite the shit thrown at this game, which it deserved entirely, I still had a pretty fun time with it, which surprised me. It felt like playing Dynasty Warriors after a certain point. You become so OP you can smash through hordes like they are nothing, which is very cathartic if you're not in the mood for anything too demanding on your mind or reflexes. The premise had so much potential, and if Bioware can somehow salvage something from this clusterfuck I might revisit it, but for now I'm done.

    Sekiro - Only just scratched the surface, but From have made another great game. I spent last night getting hunted by a giant snake through long grass, and having my arse handed to me by a shinobi hunter mini-boss. If you're the type of person that thought Souls wasn't punishing enough, give Sekiro a try.

    Crackdown 3 - I think I got to the last boss. I'm not sure. They've all been so samey and forgettable. I got to the point where I decided life is too short and I want to play other things, so I turned it off. I just don't care.

  • Another month rolls by.

    Days Gone - The press kinda shit all over this one but I didn't think it was too bad. The motorcycle maintenance was a bit annoying early on but after you level it up a bit it was OK. It's also a pity it came out on top of World War Z which did zombie hordes so much better, since the hordes were a big part of the marketing (and yet surprisingly few and far between in the actual game). Definitely not up to par with some of the other recent Sony exclusives but also definitely not a bad game. It has a very Last of Us feel to it, but doesn't execute anywhere near as well.

    World War Z - The grind is immense in this game, but it's almost over. This game is so damn good. They have fixed up a lot of the server issues too. I haven't been disconnected or crashed for a long time now. If you liked Left 4 Dead at all you really should give this a go.

    Rage 2 - The combat is sort of fun. The rest of the game blows. The game is another post-apocalyptic pointless open world single player game with micro-transactions crudely shoved in. The devs had the balls to throw shade at Far Cry New Dawn but New Dawn is easily the better game. Jim Sterling did a great video on everything wrong with the game. After Rage 1 was such a flop I was expecting more from Rage 2, but nope, another dud. I think we can already see the fork in the arse of this one. It's done. No Rage 3.

    Borderlands 2 - Playing through it again with friends after we did Borderlands 1. We'll move on to the Pre-Sequel after this. BL3 will hopefully be good despite Randy having touched it.

    See you in a month!
  • Another month rolls by....

    So I think we can definitely say that CD Projekt Red owned E3 this year. Hideo Kojima can recruit whoever he wants; nothing is going to beat the giant dong CDPR put on the table by announcing (and managing to keep secret for so long) that John Wick would be a main character in Cyberpunk 2077.

    It's sad, yet not surprising, that butt-hurt SJW types are trying to make something out of nothing to get click bait negativity generated around a game and a project that deserves nothing but support from the gaming community. Mike Pondsmith should be a wet dream for SJW 'empowerment' propaganda, and instead he has to defend his baby from accusations of racism. Get fucked. Get full proper fucked.

    As for what I've been playing,

    Overwatch - As always

    World War Z - Platted it. Liked the new free DLC. Looking forward to more.

    Rage 2 - Platted it. Don't care about the new DLC.

    Fallout 76 Battle Royale Mode - No, not really. I just enjoy typing that. Good work Bethesda, for providing the internet with another year's supply of meme-worthy cringe.

  • Work has been really hectic, so I have been really swamped the past couple months. But....

    WoW: I actually never played this back in the day but my bf told me I would love this, and I’ve really been enjoying it. My dwarf hunter is a lot of fun to play, and started leveling a priest alt as well.

    I also ordered Pokémon shield so we’ll see how that goes. The one awesome thing about being a grad student is that I can’t really do that much outside of the lab and I don’t take classes, so most of my thanksgiving week will be spent just hanging out with family and playing switch games, muhaha.
  • Also I can't even imagine getting to 2019 without having played WoW at least once!

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