Apex Legends Feb 4th.
  • I've been playing. It's the first battle royale I have gotten into. I've tried a few others and they just didn't keep my attention.

    This however may have legs with me. I'm waiting to see if it keeps a community. If it does I'll pop some money down to show respawn a bit of love.

    I think Titanfall 2 is probably my favourite shooter. I love the way it plays and Apex feels identica,l where gunplay is accounted for anyway.

    I never play MP unfortunately so I don't have a couple online friends to jump in with, so I'm doing everything with randoms but still enjoying my time with the game.
  • I'm trying it out. You or anyone can add me (psn: orangeflood) and we can team up if we happen to be on at the same time.
  • I'll add you up later tonight dude. I'm nutta27 on PSN. We can try and get something going.

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