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  • The barn opening of the Sony Conference was stupid, but whatever. Not many surprises, but the Sony conference had the games I was most excited for. Last of Us 2 and Spider Man are gonna be amazing. I am interested in Death Stranding and Sucker Punch Samurais. Lots o Samurais this year, see above.

    I think Nintendo will have the most surprises and the best conference because Switch is earlier in it's cycle. Slow year overall. This is where we are in the cycle. I agree that E3 in the next couple of years will be really bonkers because we will see consoles that do not accept disks and what different companies envision as an overwhelmingly online driven gaming format. Xbox lost this generation by shoving a vision down people's throats. They are now seducing people with their Netflix like service. How will others respond?
  • I lost my nuts at the Remake 2 reveal though.

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