Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 16/04/18
  • Mad Max - Cleared out 3 of the 4 areas and made a lot of progress. I may have over-levelled my dude because the story is offering zero challenge now. Still enjoying it.

    Far Cry Primal - Played and platted it this week. Last week I platted Far Cry 5 and Horizon, this week I played their child. I had more fun with this than I expected. It's totally underrated. The animals, especially your owl, are OP as fuck. The owl is like having your own miniature Apache attack chopper for back up. The forts had good design variety, the hunting was fun, the enemy factions were interesting, the boss fights were fun.

    Ghost Recon Wildlands - Found it cheap and picked it up. Haven't played much yet but it is a massive departure from the Ghost Recon I know. It's like a more serious Just Cause now. It has been fun so far however, so we'll see how it goes. I did get a laugh at how the game introduces you as 'Murica's best covert ops team and 5 minutes later me and my 3 dudes are crammed into an open top jeep fully armed and armoured casually driving through towns and streets controlled by the drug cartel we're trying to take out.

    God Of War series - Pulled out the collection and played bits and pieces of all of them. Was considering a series run but then thought no, 6 games in a row of relentless button mashing and QTEs doesn't sound fun, plus I'd never get through them all before the new game hits. I might go back to these later though. It's a series I'd like to revisit and play through chronologically storywise rather than releasewise.

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