God Of War (PS4)
  • They released the GOW Saga on PS3 which had every game except Ascension in it. Worth a look if you can get it. It's a great series, especially if you're into Greek mythology at all.
  • I've played a pretty fair chunk of this now. My feelings that I posted in the WiG haven't changed. It's a bloody well made game that unfortunately has little in the originality department to offer. I'm enjoying it, but it didn't need to be a GOW game. Kratos has become somehow worse as a character. He's now just mean and boring. This game has nowhere near the humour of the old games, it takes itself far too seriously. The one camera shot for the whole game is a nice idea, but better left in the film industry imo. Unskippable cut scenes, long drawn out walks, the ridiculous running around in circles waiting for your teleport door to load the area you want to go to, are all things I could have lived without. Oh, and the trolls. Jesus. How many times do we have to fight the same mini-boss? "Oh, but they have different elemental attacks, so they are all different" you might say in protest. Bullshit, they all attack pretty much the same. Whether they are hitting me with an ice rock or a fire rock is of little consequence. The complete lack of platforming and puzzles is also regrettable. There are a few puzzles I suppose, but nothing that's any challenge. All the challenge in this game comes from the combat and the damage sponge enemies. Combat feels more like whittling down wood than the orb-showering massacres of old, and as predicted, the new format can't allow for anywhere near the spectacle of the old games. In short, the game is fun, but doesn't scratch the GOW itch. It's like giving morphine to a man for his hemorrhoids. Feels good for sure, but he's still bleeding all over the chair.
  • Finished it. Great game. Not the best game on the console (because that will always be Bloodborne), but this is pretty friggin' good. If you're familiar with Norse mythology, you will enjoy the way they've weaved Kratos into the mythos. The game does make you wait for that story though, and the ending...such ambivalence. I thought it was well done but it was also such sequel bait it annoyed me. I want more but I also know it's going to be years before I get it. Other than that though, my thoughts above still stand. Get ready to fight lots of trolls. Lots and lots of trolls.
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