How does everyone feel about the new God of War?
  • True, the chain blades could make an appearance later in the game, but it wouldn't be anywhere near as cool with that combat system. I hope they prove me wrong. I'm not against changing the formula, if it's necessary and adds something. Yakuza has been pretty much the same game since the beginning and it's still going strong. How many games into COD now are we? Mario is still jumping on Goombas 30 years later. GOW has changed everything, seemingly for the sake of change. Take away the Kratos body paint, and this game would be unrecognisable as a GOW game. How would the Overwatch community react if Overwatch 2 was a horror-themed platformer, with a whole new cast of characters besides Tracer? What if the Tomb Raider revamp had been an FPS with an overweight nobody from suburbia named Lara as the protagonist?

    I also want to know how Kratos went from the man who casually murdered anyone he came across and drowned the entire world in his rampage against the Gods to becoming Grizzly Adams and son. The DMC point is interesting. I was never much of a DMC fan so that whole scandal passed me by, but from what I remember the new DMC didn't do much other than a change in art style. Dante was still pretty much Dante, and the gameplay was still fairly similar, wasn't it? Correct me if I'm wrong. What's going on here is basically an entirely new game with a Kratos skin in it. It feels to me more like how you could play with an Aloy skin from Horizon Zero Dawn in Monster Hunter World, and even that would still be closer than the new GOW is to the old.

    As far as QTEs go I can understand why people hate them. I do too. They were overused. But the QTE was made a thing by GOW because of how well they were done in that game. They suited the types of battles they were in, where the camera would pull back or zoom in during the battle to give you the coolest vantage point over the slaughter Kratos was inflicting. Look at the next game's gameplay and it looks like it will suffer from Dark Souls-itis where you spend 10 minutes hacking at a pair of ankles and have no idea what's going on above, which I'm fine with btw, it's just not what I want from a GOW game.
  • I am looking forward to it quite a bit. I think it will be very different from it's predecessors, and I think that is needed. I tried to replay Darksiders 2, and it just felt way too dated. I do not want to juggle fools in 2018. Also kind of tired of screamy Kratos. I would bet folding money that it will be polished and quite good. Will it be truly great? I dunno about that. It will be a stark contrast to Sea of Thieves, in the basic competence of first party offerings.
  • Overall, the reviews seem similar to the reviews for Horizon. There are no new ideas, but all the borrowed ideas are well executed and beautifully put together. An excellent example of a modern game, but specifically not a revolution. Can't wait, driving a 911 will not reinvent driving, but the latest model is always great example of current technology.

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