Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 2/4/18
  • Did some exploring of Shulva in the Dark Souls 2 DLC. I haven't really explored blind in Souls in a while. The usual mixture of wonder and bullshit. From loves cliffs a bit too much, but they can design a level. Of course the two elevators go back to the first fire. Now if I can just find a Dragon Stone, whatever that is. Might have to ascetic the spider and get the moonlight sword. The health bars on some of these jokers are getting ridiculous.
  • Well I took out the first two Shulva bosses. The dragon was tough. You can what it is about to do... and really have no way to avoid it. Had to look at a walk through to find the one switch I had not found, to get the key for the other boss(es?). The new area has serious From Software bullshit. Sure you can summon two different NPCs, but we are just screwing with you because we have put in an enemy pit/ shooting range that puts The Gutter to shame. There is zero chance you will shepard any NPC to the boss fight. We are just fucking with you because we are From. Could be worse, could be Rom.
  • Platted Far Cry 5 today. The arcade was painful. Maybe in the future it will have some fun content, but it's just a chore as it is.
  • Platted Horizon Zero Dawn today. Turned out being interesting after failing to grab me for probably half the game. Good solid experience. Not sure why people weren't complaining about the fact that it recycles a boss fight from mid-game at the end. The Order 1886 couldn't pull that shit but Horizon got a pass.

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