Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 26/03/2018
  • Finished the main story in Dark Souls 2. The last few bosses were a joke with a plus 5 Staff of Wisdom, 20 Soul Spears, and 6 Soul Geysers. I could have gotten cheesier, but no need. Circle right, dodge, blast, repeat.

    Shrine of Amana was the toughest. Souliest part for me. My own soul arrow cheese in my face. That and cliffs you cannot see because of the waist deep water. From Software has a patent on invisible cliffs.

    Might see if trophy for all sorceries is easily in reach, but I am not going to annoy myself after a positive Souls experience. I may even explore some of the DLC blind. Who knows.
  • Monster Hunter World - The day after I platted it some free DLC dropped with a new monster to hunt. Killed Deviljho a few times then started a second character, a female this time so I can check out the armours and rock different weapons. Between the 2 characters I probably have about 500 hours on the clock now.

    Earth Defense Force 4.1 - On mission 50 or so now, roughly halfway through the game. I was a bit hyped for the giant robots and monsters that were included for the PS4 release but damn was that a waste of hype. So far I've seen 1 monster, and the mission where you jump in a giant robot and punch the crap out of it was very underwhelming. I prefer just mowing down hordes with lasers and rockets.

    Horizon: Zero Dawn - After a long hiatus, I finally went back to this. I'm still not feeling it, but I'll try to stick with it to the end this time. It's a finely made Ubisoft-formula clone game.

    The trophy for all sorceries in DS2 is one of the last you can get iirc. You either need to do a lot of PVP or get to Nashandra's castle in playthrough #3 and buy the covenant spells from the shop there.
  • Happy Easter and all that.

    Right, Far Cry 5. Finished it yesterday, almost at 100% completion. This game is great. It's not perfect, and some things could have been done better, but that will always be the case about everything ever made. Easily my favourite Far Cry. I imagine this is how the Ass Creed fans felt with Origins (which I haven't played yet so can't judge it myself). If you're even remotely interested in the Far Cry series or the Ubi-formula, you need this.There are microtransactions in the game but they are completely insignificant in terms of impact on the game imo. I managed to buy plenty of vehicless and weapons and stuff just with the in-game money. All I can think is that people complaining about the lack of money must be just blasting through the story. If you're doing side quests, stashes, and hunting, you will have plenty of funds. Also, people are saying this game is too politicised and trashes the right wing, but I have to say there's just as much being said of the left as there is the right. Depends how you look at it. First Monster Hunter, now this, 2018 is spoiling me.

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