Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 12/3/18
  • Noobied by 1Hazelnut
  • A Demon's Souls remake would be great but it would be hard to make happen since the rights for it are all over the shop. I'll take what I can get with Dark Souls 1, which should keep me busy enough.

    And yeah, for Scholar of the First Sin they increased the number of NPC helpers, same as they did with Bloodborne. They also changed a lot of the mobs in terms of number and location. I'm not a big fan of the changes they made truth be told, I think I prefer the original experience.

    Unsurprisingly my week has been spent with:

    Monster Hunter World - I need 6 more gold crowns (2 mini, 4 giant). I didn't spend much time grinding this week as I was doing other things, but the grind is real and the trickle is slow.

    That's about it. I picked up Shadow of the Colossus again on PS4 despite never getting around to beating the first remake on PS3 which is also still sitting on my shelf, so we'll see how it goes this time.

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