Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 01/01/18
  • COD WW2 - Mainly this for the past couple of days. I'm trying to get the multiplayer trophies done and at the moment they are doing 2XP so I'm taking the opportunity to cut the grind time in half. The multiplayer cracks me up. Every second person you fight is either diving to the ground in front of you, bunny hopping like a madman, or running around trying to flank people to get shovel kills. And then they complain that loot boxes landing on Omaha Beach is "unrealistic". I would love to see D-Day recreated with actors behaving like COD players.

    Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition - Got this on the Bone. I liked Bulletstorm so thought I'd give it a go and try the new Duke Nukem mode. The game is OK. It's a pity nobody plays the co-op horde modes because that was always the best part of the game for me. Duke Nukem is unnecessary and adds nothing to the game.

    Bloodborne - Played the unlocked content in the chalice dungeons.

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