Happy Holidays and All
  • In the last week we've had Christmas and New Years, if you celebrate. Let us know what all you did, whether big and extravagant or low key and relaxed. If you have any gifts you received (or gave!) that you want to share, feel free. If your year end was great, tell it all, if not, feel free to rant. Any summation or big events that happened in 2017? And do you have any resolutions for 2018, or things you're looking forward to?
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  • I didn't celebrate too much. The holidays make me an anxious depressed mess, so I cooked a turkey dinner for the family and got drunk.
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  • My holiday was labor intensive. Being back to work is relaxing by comparison. Had to get a 6 year old and 3 year old from New York to Oregon and back. The connection in New Jersey was a photo finish. My 6 year old ran like a champ across that whole damn airport, while I had the 3 year old on my shoulders. They were finishing boarding group 3 when we got there. Would have been an 8 hour wait for the next flight. Travelling with small children ain't a vacation, it is a road game. The grandparents and grandchildren had a good Christmas. My job was to facilitate that. Now I will likely buy myself a Switch for my behavior at Christmas. My wife got me a plushie pickle Rick and a poseable Mr Meeseeks with a driver and a 9mm.
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  • Travel with kids is one reason among like 1000000000 I will never have kids.
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  • There are entire levels to both joy and fear that you will never know about unless you have children.
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