Noob's Choice Awards 2017: The Winners!
  • Jesus. Did people only play 3 games this year? There's not much variety. I was expecting Horizon to take GOTY solo too tbh. I remember a lot of things about Nier Automata, but I must confess the soundtrack isn't one of them. It must have been something special. :p

    Good work as always putting this all together Manio. I doubt anyone would blame you should you choose to throw in the towel though.
  • Yeah, I'm glad to see Cuphead and RE7 get a bit of love. Even though I personally don't care for Cuphead, I do think it's great for what it is. I tried to stay away from Dark Souls 3 DLC for my nominations. I voted for it last time and decided to spread the love around a bit this time.

    How many responses did you used to get in the golden days? I'm kinda surprised you even got 22.
  • Honestly? I only started these after the forums kinda died and Swoopes left since she used to organize them. So 20 has been the norm for the last couple of years. Unless people voted twice, but whatever.
  • It was probably the Russians.
  • Yeah 22 is more than I'd expect. It doesn't seem like there are 22 regulars here. That's not a ton but I would not think a three way tie would happen with that many votes.

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