Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 18/12/17
  • The only thing interesting about Star Wars these past few weeks has been watching the braindead fans of it try to petition Disney to ditch EA. Lol, as if Disney gives 2 shits about the integrity of Star Wars, or has any respect for its fans. Even Lucas clearly doesn't give a fuck, what on Earth makes people think the Mouse conglomerate does? The original trilogy was a fluke, and there was a good 15 years or so where people just appreciated it for what it was, a solid set of 3 fun sci-fi adventure movies. All the movies outside of that have done is to show how shallow the Star Wars universe actually is. X-wings will be shooting at Tie Fighters, forever. Be careful what you wish for indeed.

    The Surge - Got my 1200/1200 gamerscore.

    The Surge - Picked up the DLC for the PS4, rolled a new character, and am going through it all again. Doing a 1 handed weapon run this time.

    Overwatch - Gave it a go to check out the new Winter Wonderland event and skins. All pretty meh really.

    Gears 4 - Played some of the new Horde modes and got some Christmas loot. There are Xmas lights on everything at the moment. The new horde mode with the waves of juvies and all constructions having bugger all health points is intense. I like it.

    Vermintide - This was free on the Bone so I gave it a go. It's trash. I played maybe half a dozen games or so, and never managed to complete a mission on any occasion. Almost every game I played ended in connection errors. Glad it was free.

    Walking Dead Season 2 - Also free on the Bone, I went through it again. It's still meh.

    Prey - Went through the opening scenes, not much else. Looking forward to getting deeper into it this week.

    That's about it. Watched 2 movies as well which is rare for me. Re-animator and From Beyond. Classic B-movie goodness. God bless Barbara Crampton.

  • Another year and another Christmas over.

    I got given COD: WW2 on PS4 and spent some time playing through the campaign. I chose Veteran first off and was having a reasonably good time with it until this bullshit section in the Hill mission where you have to plant thermite on a Tiger tank while a swarm of Germans shoot your tits off. The checkpoint the game gave me is almost a loop of death. Spawn, and immediately lose all health. Fun stuff. The new mechanic where you have to ask certain squad members for supplies sucks balls, since the squaddies will disperse all over the map making even getting to them in one piece a feat in itself. The multiplayer is the same old shit, with Nazi zombies mode feeling somehow worse. I don't know how you can fuck up a zombie horde mode but they did it. World At War did everything so much better years ago.

    Friday 13th (PS4) - Bought it for $20 on the PSN Xmas sale. It's fun. For $20 it's worth the price. Wouldn't touch it for full price though.

    Lords of the Fallen (PS4) - After the Surge DLC I decided to go back to this to try the DLC I bought ages ago. The DLC starts rather late in the game though so I've just been going through the story again. It feels a lot easier now for some reason, maybe they did some nerfing of the enemies since I last played?

    Witcher 3 (PS4) - Decided to attempt another playthru of this after getting sidetracked and forgetting everything since last time. Went with Deathmarch difficulty and so far it hasn't been too bad. I've just found Yennefer and met the Baron in the 2nd area.

    That's about it. I also got Wolfenstein 2, Shadow of War, Dragons Dogma HD remake, South Park 2, and Skyrim on the Switch from Santa so I guess I'll be checking out those over the holidays.
  • Ok. I've finally swallowed my pride and paid more to play games online that I already goddamn paid for on Xbox One. The catalyst? PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

    Add me
    The Eli Wallach

    I need to do a mike check and I can't tell if my mike is purely decorative or if randoms are mikeless.

  • So long 2017! 10 and a bit hours from now it'll be 2018.

    I've been trying out my Xmas goodies over the past week.

    COD WW2 - Finished the campaign on veteran and did some mopping up of the trophies. Only a few left now. I also gave the multiplayer a go and am shocked that this game hasn't been getting shit-canned along with Battlefront 2. This is totally pay to win. The super-duper guns with the best stats and bonuses are all rewards for collecting sets of cards, cards either found in loot boxes or crafted with scrap, and scrap earned very slowly through duplicates in loot boxes, or doing challenges. The weapon balancing is still awful, with 90% of players using either the bullshit smg capable of instant murder at any range, the incendiary shotgun that 1-hits everyone, or the quick-scoping sniper rifles. It's a rare occasion you'll ever see a heavy machinegun or assault rifle because they're worthless, not only because the SMG outperforms them at any range but also because they take forever to reload. The new mode "War" is pretty underwhelming too. The maps are so small it should be called skirmish.

    South Park: The Fractured But Whole - Started playing through it, and so far it is just like the original, and everything you'd expect from a sequel. The kids have moved on from playing a fantasy game and they're now playing a superhero game. I decided to play a black kid.

    Middle Earth: Shadow of War - Made a start on this too. It is also exactly what I expected so far. Gameplay is still very similar to the first game, with all the Ubisoft-style map unlocking and mini-missions of the original. The story so far is a bit shit. I'm not a fan of them fucking with the lore. Shelob as a hot chick didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. They did at least establish that she was a giant spider before showing her use magic to appear human so, yeah, sure. Seems like a small feat for a sentient giant spider I suppose. The way the internet whiners were crying outrage I thought they were going to actually make the character of Shelob a human, which they did not. I haven't played far enough to see loot boxes yet but I can see them sitting there in the main menu everytime I open it so I know they're coming.

    Wolfenstein 2 - Again, played an hour or so of the opening. It's more over the top Wolfenstein which is fine by me. I didn't particularly enjoy the opening in the wheelchair. I've played a few games the past few weeks that all thought it was cool to start you out as a cripple (The Surge, Phantom Pain, Wolfenstein 2) but I'm over it now. Please stop. I do like imagining that Frau Engel is Hillary Clinton, and lets face it, the resemblance is there. I'm not a fan of the trophy list for the game though, in particular beating the entire game on Mein Leben difficulty, which consists of the hardest difficulty, no saves, and 1 life. I thought the Dead Space devs were retarded back in the day but holy shit, you can't even take a break with Mein Leben, and you better pray your system doesn't freeze or crash at any point during the playthru. Needless to say, there goes another game I'll never bother platting.

    Dragon's Dogma PS4 - It's the same game I loved back on PS3. It's good to be back. I'm just finishing off some side quests before progressing the story.

    Friday 13th - A simple pleasure. There's really not much to this game, but it's fun. The lobby you're put in makes or breaks the game. Some people get very intensely into role playing their characters.
  • I got back into Friday the 13th as well because of the eventual teasing and promise of the Jason X spaceship as a map.

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