Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 04/12/17
  • Really interested to see you sticking with The Surge - as our resident Soulsophile if it passes muster with you, it must be doing something right.
  • Been playing some Civilization 6 when I can steal my bf’s laptop from him. A lot of fun, but I might be too nice. I don’t want to go to war and make enemies. :(
  • Finished Uncharted 4, saying goodbye to Marvel Omega, finished Frozen Wilds, kinda chugging through Darksiders part deux cuz it's free. Man does it feel dated.

    Xcom 2 is very good, but not as good as Xcom. It's either you're killing them with cheesy moves, or zap, your team gets rolled up like a blanket. 2 just takes that one slip and you are done thing a step too far.
  • Exactly nuffin. I can't bring myself to play more Call of Duty but I don't want to play through anything till I have seen that off.

    I bought PUBG on Xbox last night. I may see how that plays tonight for a while.
  • I downloaded the free fortnite battle royal for PS4 but can't bring myself to go get stomped yet. I have really enjoyed some let's plays of fortnite.

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