Monster Hunter: World - Official Thread
  • Noobied by 1sloth
  • I've never played a Monster Hunter game, but hoo boy the reveal trailer caught my eye and got me interested. It looks like my cup of tea.
  • Anyone else tried the beta?
  • Shit that was the weekend wasn't it. I fully intended to give it a shot and forgot.

    I played a little of generations and actually got into. Fell off when the switch came out unfortunately.
  • I have it pre-ordered on the ole Xbox. I'm excited.
  • I got my copy on PS4. Going to give it a rip today. I could've started yesterday but it was Australia Day and shit needed doing.
  • I'll be picking it up on PS4 as well it seems. Had to cancel my Xbox preorder when I lost my job, but recently got a new one, and well. Maybe us folks could play together sometime.
  • I'm digging this a lot. I turned my cat sidekick into a Watcher from Horizon Zero Dawn yesterday. We then grinded the shit out of some dinosaurs to get parts for a weapon upgrade. I'm just finishing up the Coral Forest area storywise, I've been too preoccupied doing various SOS missions. What's everyone else doing?
  • They've made it a lot more accessible. I've been reading people complaining about it being dumbed down for the casuals and there may be some truth to that, but honestly I'm kinda glad they did. The old Monster Hunter were stupidly time consuming for even the smallest amount of progress, but this one has you chugging along at a pretty good rate. It's still a bit grindy, and you can still waste hundreds of hours here if you want to, so I don't see the big deal. I find it funny that some people are un-ironically calling it a Soulslike not realising this series has been with us since the PS2.

    The entire campaign is basically a tutorial and setup for the real game. Once you get to hunter rank 10 or so (once you clear the main part of the story) you'll be able to access the high rank missions and that's where shit gets real. There's so many cool little things in the game too. It's definitely not a game for people with time constraints though.

    I don't know how much longer I'll stay with the game. I like it and all but I'm not sure I can muster the commitment required to get to hunter rank 100. I've run into some players who are already high 30's and low 40's so maybe it's not as bad as I think it'll be, but it felt like it took a long time to get where I am.
  • I'm now done with the campaign. A few interesting things, the campaign continues and has a level cap of 16, so if you get to rank 16 you know you're getting near the end. After that, the level cap is removed, and all the XP you've earned in the game until that point is dropped on you, which sends your hunter rank suddenly skyrocketing if you've been grinding a bit. There are about 30 monsters total in the game.

    A bit of advice for money, because you're going to need it. Be selective of your investigations. As you play through the game hundreds of these will unlock and many seem similar, but some of them have huge money bonuses. If you grind these, and use your daily reward coupons that double money rewards if you have them, you'll rake in a lot of money fairly quickly with minimal effort. You also want to build up your garden and unlock anything when you get the chance, and start planting Mighty Shroom as soon as possible. You can sell it for a pretty good price. You'll also get a hunter tool that makes monsters drop items just by hitting them. These items can't be used in crafting and exist only to be sold, and can be worth quite a bit. There's also a ship that will start visiting your base and you can select what sort of items it brings to trade. If you set this to trade items it will bring items you can buy with research points and then sell for real money.
  • I'm new to the Monster Hunter franchise, but I recently started Monster Hunter World and I'm loving it :D Beautiful environments, big gnarly dinosaur/dragon type monsters, cute cat sidekicks, and Poogie = win! I'm also loving the Insect Glaive because its a fun mix of several of the things I like in combat: a controllable pet, melee attacks combined with fancy ranged agility somersault goodness, and being able to JUMP ON THE MONSTERS BACKS WUT (I found out that mounting was a thing by accident, nearly flipped my shit xD)
  • Vamp, yeah you can't just blaze through the story, it demands a bit of grinding before progression in some parts. It's not really an open world game though. Each area feels like that at first, but once you research the monsters in each area you're tracker bugs will lead you straight to them, so you don't really spend much time exploring the maps. But yes, the game is a massive time sinkhole, but I knew that going in.
  • These last couple of gold crowns are kicking my arse. I need maybe 4 more large and small crowns but the game just refuses to spawn the right size monsters for me.
  • Got my last gold crown and then did the 50 Arena quest grind to get the platinum trophy last night. If you are doing the Arena quests and don't care about times but just want the trophy I recommend the Kula monster quest. It's low rank and it dies fast. I was doing it solo and averaging maybe 3 minutes each run. You could easily do this a lot faster if you had a co-op partner but almost nobody plays Arena.

    This game has dominated my game time since it released. Now I don't know what to play. God of War is still a month away and Dark Souls Remastered another month after that. Time to hit the backlog I guess.

    Japanese devs are back in business. They went off the rails for a while there trying to figure out how to win that foreign money but now they are knocking them out of the park again. But #FucKonami.
  • Duuuuuuuuuude, you bought it on the ShitBox!?! What happened to PS4?

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