Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 13/11/17
  • Battlefront - Just a few games.

    Agents of Mayhem - Did a little trophy hunting but I'm done with it.

    Wolfenstein - Playing through again on PS3. It's horrendous compared to the PS4 version. You can go make a sandwich while waiting for those textures to pop in. I think I'm almost done with the playthru, then I'll go back and get the stuff I missed. Then I can maybe make a start on Wolfenstein 2.

    Resident Evil Revelations - Finished a playthru.

    Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Never played this before, so started it after giving myself a refresher with the first game. Shouldn't have bothered though, since it has fuck all to do with anything in the first game. I don't mind this one, but the buddy system where one player scouts and one player fights is a bit shit. Can't say much more about it yet since I've only just finished the first episodes for Claire and Barry, but it's been fun so far.

  • Horizon Frozen Wilds

    Enjoying it, solid amount of content for a reasonable price. New weapons, new critters and some challenges that are appropriate for level 50. A beautiful game that does nothing to piss you off. Smooth, professional like naughty dog.
  • Oh and some Resident Evil 7 on Madhouse. I'm buying a Switch next week, so.

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