Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 30/10/17
  • Just some Overwatch on PC. Ended up having my worst run of loot box luck of any holiday event. Used some coins to buy a few skins of my own. Otherwise, the only new one I got via box was Symmetra.
  • I spent last week in Paris playing the game of figure out which metro line you want and my favourite game of is Google maps sending you the wrong way again. Don't worry we finally made it to the Eiffel tower

    On the plane and at the airport on the way I ignored my girlfriend and played stardew valley for the switch. On the way home I played a little Mario Odyssey and that's all I have been playing since that moment. Incredible game. I originally planned to play a tonne at the airport too but man. Is CDG a big ass maze. That takes hours to get through security.
  • CDG is without doubt the worst, most confusing airport in existence.

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