Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 23/10/17
  • Overwatch - Got the dragon skin for Sym on the Bone as well as a few others. It has been a pretty good Halloween event for me. Glad to see season 6 gone and the rumours that big changes are coming to the way SR is done are welcome. They need to do something. It's too messed up as it is.

    Mario + Rabbids - Still going through this. It's fun, but I can't play it long because it's so shallow. It's mainly been relegated to a game I play when time is an issue or I feel the next turd to be wrangled out might take a while.

    The Turing Test - It was free on the Bone. I liked it, it's basically Portal without the portals and charm. You play a character who is alone and stuck in a series of test rooms on Europa. It's pretty much exclusively about using differently coloured orbs to open doors and move platforms to traverse rooms that lead to yet more rooms. 70 stages later you get a pretty easy 1000GS.

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