Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 16/10/17
  • Your Skyrim sounds most of the way over. My War of the Chosen is over. You would think I could get started on Witcher 3 or Phantom Pain, two highly recommended games. You could think that.... and you would be wrong.
  • I don't understand the Cuphead fever gripping the interwebs right now. It's Contra with a retro Disney skin. It looks and sounds good if you're into that I guess but from a gameplay perspective? Come the fuck on. Nothing new here at all.

    Overwatch - SR is complete bullshit. I did all my qualifiers on PS4 and the Bone and there was more than a 1000 point difference in my starting SR. Ranked still has more to do with teams and winning matches than individual performance. Other than that I was just going for achievements and unlocking skins through loot boxes. Pretty pleased this time, I have every Halloween skin now.

    Other than that I've just been watching the list of games I'll never buy grow as the games industry continues to fuck itself into microtransaction oblivion.

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