Noobtoob's Week in Gaming - September 25th, 2017
  • Xcom 2: War of the Chosen

    It's good, but not as good as the previous expansion on Xcom. The Chosen are basically bastards and you need to kill them in one turn or bad things happen. Not much gaming from me, and not even Xcom can get me excited. I am everything I ever hated.
  • Overwatch - Levelled up a bit more.

    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - I was not too interested in this but picked it up anyway. I had mixed feelings about Uncharted 4 because of the long stretches in that game in which you did nothing. I don't go for that Kojima-esque style of self-fellatio, and was worried Lost Legacy would be more of the same, but no, to my happy surprise this was pretty much all gameplay, all the time. What cutscenes there were were brief and to the point. I enjoyed this quite a bit, even if Chloe's character is basically Lara Croft Lite. She even has the same back story, minus the money. I also think Naughty Dog did a great job of being 'inclusive' without fucking everything up. The last boss fight (in fact every encounter with the guy) took 2 tough women teaming up on him to defeat him, and even then only just barely. Bioware (what's left of them) should be taking notes on all this.

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