Noobtoob's Week in Gaming - 04/09/17
  • Gears 4 - Got my 10th re-up and since they added another 500 points worth of achievements I got a nice boost to my gamerscore since I already qualified for most of them.

    Garden Warfare 2 - Got a few more characters.

    That's about it really. Wasn't at home much this week so not much chance to play games. I did watch a bit of Destiny 2 on Twitch and have to say I was not impressed. I won't be buying it, not after Destiny 1 (a platform for content for 10 years, bwahahahaha). Once bitten twice shy. The way I see it, buying Destiny 2 is a vote for everything wrong with the games industry. Same as Shadow of War, fuck that game. I don't think I could give those scumbags money and be able to live with myself. The cashing in on death move is the last straw. I mean, on one hand you have Nintendo and their super subtle tribute to Iwata that was left for players to find, and then on the other you have Shadow of War asking $5 for a DLC character based on a recently deceased supposed "friend" and colleague. So there you go folks, your soul officially has a market value. WB set it as 5 big ones. Well, $4.99 to be exact.

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