Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 14/08/17
  • Noobied by 18drawt
  • Dark Souls series - It continues. Made a new cosplay character and did a few runs with strangers through the DS3 DLCs.

    Overwatch - Getting back into it. I love that you can come back to this game months later and still pwn n00bs because it's actually skill and team play focused, unlike....

    Star Wars Battlefront - Fuck this game. COD is better than this. Dudes who have unlocked everything 1 or 2-shot me while I need an entire clip from my 1 shitty blaster rifle to down them. Team play? What's that? Imagine a giant spinning saw blade positioned in front of a chute from which a chicken comes hurtling out every 5-10 seconds. That's your Star Wars Battlefront experience. It's no place for fresh faced casuls anymore.

    Destiny - Tried to give this another shot but fuck this game too. Nobody wants to team up with anyone who isn't already maxed out so if you plan to play online and don't have any friends still playing this (as in raids and such) prepare to grind alone. I levelled up a few times but then I felt done. I'm still nowhere near the current level cap and therefore a leper Guardian.

    Battleborn - Yep, had the online multiplayer bug this week. Battleborn was a fun game, and me and the one other guy I could find on those cold desolate servers had a blast with it for a few hours.

    Minecraft - Did some co-op which ended badly. Like the dwarves of Moria we dug too greedily and too deep. Got lost and murdered in dark caves like those stupid chicks in The Descent.
  • Thanks for the post.
  • I have been co soldering building a PC lately too. I just don't have the time to get into PC gaming.

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