Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 17/07/17
  • @vamp No, no DLC. I can't remember which ending was E but the later endings were better. I cheated with the save data deletion thing and made a backup before doing it. I also liked how they brought back the shmup end credits thing from Vanquish. I know you're pretty hardcore when it comes to shmups so I can see why you loved the game.
  • Stardew Valley

    So. I don't play a ton of games anymore, lack of spare time and such, but this one's really got its hooks into me. Playing the XBOX One version right now. I will admit that, probably because it was developed on PC, it was better there for controls. But this allows me to be lazy on my couch and I do appreciate that. I am working through my community centre bundles with good speed. Lots of rainy weather this summer means I haven't been able to actually garden or get out in the yard much until very recently. New shift ensures I have less than zero time after work. This is the perfect way to kill an hour, relax, and wind down. Because it's my second playthrough, and I intend to finish everything I can, I am taking a more methodical approach. I now have the Skull Cavern key so on the rainy days I have a new mine to poke around in. Though I will often still be farming bomb supplies from the standard mine. I think the biggest change to the way I play now is the mining aspect. I've taken cues from work and I'll be building a shitton of Stairs, medium bombs, and getting all my equipment in the best shape possible, then going into skull cavern and having at.

    PS interesting read about Nier. Thanks for that.

    Edits: All the damn typos I just found now ^_^' heheh.... Yay phones.
  • @Littleg almost forgot: you may find it worth your while to do the Mages' Guild questline before you get too far along, if that's your aim. Powerful items, spell casting foes get really difficult later.
  • Also almost forgot (lots to catch up on)

    Mass Effect Andromeda, which I finished a few weeks back, was decidedly "meh." Not super great but not terrible either.

    - Exploring Felt Like EXPLORING. Worlds were vast.
    - awesome ship.
    - pretty dope crew.
    - Vetra. Did I mention "pretty dope crew"?
    - interesting premise and stories
    - jumping canyons on an asteroid with the vehicle was beautiful, pure, wahoo!-fun

    -hot desert world, cold desert world, poisoned desert world
    - so many planets but like... four types of animals
    - the way you have to talk to people face to face in an era of quantum communications! Honestly if I have to go back to pirate planet one more goddamn time for [insert fetch quest]
    - cumbersome crafting and inventory management. Seriously. Figure it out, BioWare. I'm saying this to you and I'm a massive fan.
    -Romances in this one are totally unevenly balanced. Yes, I chose "generic Zevran wannabe" and felt ripped off, so what?
    - Asari commando stories.
    - general lack of Quarians, Voli and Hanar aka Stupid Jellies and other, more alien, unfathomable freaky things! Lazy!
    - so many, many things.

    As a fan... felt ripped off by this one overall, but still enjoyed enough, so I don't regret playing it. *shrug*
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