Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 19/06/17
  • A sweltering 25 degrees in England?

    Mass Effect Andromeda - Finished the game. Did a fair chunk of the side quests but still have more to do. Overall it was a pretty awful game, even disregarding the technical issues.

    Resident Evil 5 - Finished off everything in this to get the plat. Going through Pro difficulty with the AI partner was tough in some spots. Sheva has a death wish.

    Resident Evil 6 - After wrapping up 5 I jumped into 6 on the PS4 and blazed through the campaigns. Once I get enough points for some decent skills I'll do this one on Pro too and get the plat. It's a shame nobody is playing though. I rather liked the Mercenaries mode but it's not as fun playing solo.

    Zelda: BotW - I've played a fair bit more of this. I'm not really understanding the fuss. Despite my issues with it, even I can see that Horizon was better. Zelda is just frustrating. The weapon breakage is ridiculous, and the stamina circle is stupidly short too. Yes, the stamina can be upgraded, I know. And to do that? Go into the mini-boss / puzzle rooms over and over and over again to get little orbs for upgrades. These little caves are boring as fuck for the most part, and scattered all over the place. There are Ubisoft towers to climb which are also mostly boring as fuck. The combat mechanics are crap too. Just sayin'.
  • I'll have you know Dr F, that temperatures here have soared to a scorching 32 degC. We'll be fighting over the last bottles of drinkable water in the street before long.
  • Manio, It's fun, but Pro is killing me with Chris' final boss fight. Piers is being a little bitch and won't shoot the cocoon so I can kill the boss. Might have to recruit a human to help me out.

    32 degrees eh? That's winter temperature in some parts of this forsaken island.
  • Family medical issues have kept me from much gaming. I have been enjoying Marvel Omega button masher free game beta whatever, coop with my five year old. She has been a Batman girl up to this point ( It was three Batmen and a CatWoman for Halloween last year. ) so this has been a good way to up her USRDA of Spider Man.

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