E3 2017 Predictions
  • Nintendo - I second the smash brothers for the switch idea. Mario Kart did amazingly they would be dumb not to. They will show a lot of and focus on Mario Odyssey. A first look at the Zelda DLC and then a lot of uninspired third party announcements. You know all your favourite EA sports properties, just dance and the like.

    Microsoft - Scorpio will obviously be the focus. Everything will "look better on Scorpio". We might see crackdown and a snippet of Halo 6 (a video teaser though nothing else) and maybe a HD Remake of Reach.

    Sony - Play Call of duty here first because someone has to. Like no one realises that franchise is dying. Horizon Zero dawn story DLC. Blood borne 2. Maybe something new from sucker punch. Definately not a new infamous though.

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