(PC/PS4/XB1) The Surge
  • These are the guys who made Lords of the Fallen (another Souls clone with no multiplayer), which I enjoyed, so I'm interested to see how this turns out. People have been asking for a sci-fi take on Souls for a while now. Hopefully they do a good job with it, and have listened to the criticisms of Lords. The only other games I've played from these guys are Venetica and Blood Knights. Blood Knights was very poopy iirc and Venetica was meh too. I didn't make much progress in either game.

    Looking forward to giving it a go, don't know if I'd drop $60 day 1 on it though.
  • I'd love to dip on this right away, but I still need to finish Bloodborne, it's DLC and Dark Souls 3 final DLC. Bleh.

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