Mass Effect: Andromeda (PC|PS4|Xbox One)
  • We'll bang, okay?
  • *girly squeals*
    This is my favourite video game franchise and I really loved Inquisition. Have a look at the Iron Bull love scene on YouTube. I fell out of my chair laughing when that happened to me.

    Man, Mass Effect's gameplay was ass. But the world was so compelling and everything was my particular type of nerdy cool that I finished it. Dragon Age 1 which didn't have the strongest gameplay mechanics, it was enough.

    By Mass Effect 2, I was all in. I was gay with Garrus and Grunt was our little adopted Krogan baby. I loved playing that game so much that I immediately went on to three.

    I hated the jump scares in 3. It felt more like action FPS than RPG (which I feel mass effect 1 and dragon age 1 are heavily so). But oh man, the genophage chapter, seeing Grunt all grown up and that fan service that was the citadel - amazing. I'm a big subscriber to the Indoctrination theory on the ending. Have a read of that! Even if this theory were true which is so super wicked amazing, the series still ends in a cliff hanger which I feel is mean. I wish there was a citadel DLC for 3 baked in. A thanks for playing, here's some tea and cookies.

    I rearranged my entire working schedule to have two weeks off to play Mass Effect 1-3 back to back. I did at least ten hours a day and ate it up.

    I know 4 is going to be full of bugs like the lip animation and general launch issues. The game engine behind mass effect and dragon age has always been limited. I don't think their side quests will be as good as witcher 3. But you know what, getting to be n7 and lose myself in a sci fi world is going to be a real treat. And now I have jet packs!

    I'm so excited! I've got this pre-ordered for delivery with JB HiFi. It will hopefully be delivered to my mailbox midweek with them posting it a day before release. I won't get around to it until the weekend and even then my time is thin. But I am still so looking forward to this. Give me that music. Give me Krogand. Give meeee N7 role playing!
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  • I don't know if I should say this but I thought Inquisition was a very mediocre game. I still enjoyed the hell out of it but in hindsight, definitely 7/10.
  • Man, is the Internet shitting all over this game this week. The story and animation cannot be as bad as some are anticipating.

    I liked Inquisition just fine. Dragon Age 2 was a fucking abortion, worst AAA game of my life, total insult. Fuck Dragon Age 2.
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  • Inquisition was good for a playthru but once you're done, you're done. The harder difficulties really showcased how awful the combat system actually was.

    Dragon Age 1 and Mass Effect 1 were both decent. Neither have aged particularly well. DA2, ME2, and ME3 are all arse gravy.

    If ME:A can do DA:I with a decent combat system I might enjoy it. I won't be getting all teary because there's no Shep or familiar faces -fuck those guys- and if this game is more like ME1 in terms of exploration and loot and number crunching then hoo fucking rah says I.

    I saw the faces and animations, and the theory about Bioware going full retard and deliberately making ugly female characters to appease feminists, and I think these people give Bioware too much credit. The faces and animations don't look shit on purpose, Bioware is just a bunch of hacks in clown suits -that was simply the best they could do, as they've demonstrated in plenty of their previous games. So no, I care not how shitty the faces look. If I want to gaze upon a near perfect visage I have my mirror handy after all. I'll be here for the space exploration and to shoot up the galaxy, while fucking everything that moves because this is a Bioware game after all and the idea that they could make a game in which every living being doesn't try to dry hump your leg within 5 minutes of meeting you IS the stuff of conspiracy theory.

    Bring on ME:A. I look forward to playing it after I'm done with Horizon, Dark Souls 3 DLC, and treating my athlete's foot. I presumptuously and preemptively award it a 7/10.
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  • The problem devs like Bioware and Bethesda now face is that everyone, from critics to fans, basically views Witcher 3 as the standard-bearer for open-world games now, and that's probably a bit unfair. There are still publications raving about that game to this day. It's a hard bar to clear.
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  • I just started playing the trial via EA Access. The complaints about facial animations is dumb. Every Mass Effect has these issues.
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  • They switched to Frostbite 3 for this, which has sort of become EA's all-encompassing engine. Apparently it runs really well; the benchmarks I've seen have looked great. But yeah. The animations on some of the humans are a bit wonky.
  • Ass Creed uses Anvil.

    I don't know if I'd call it unfair to compare these recent games to Witcher 3. If they want to be called AAA games they better bring their top form to the party. If they'd be willing to knock an A or 2 off then sure, but they ain't going to do that. So as far as I'm concerned, you want the title, you earn the title. Shooters were compared to DOOM and later COD for years, we're seeing it know with "SoulsBorne Clones" too. Witcher 3 is the level ALL games of that type should be aiming for and to surpass if possible, especially if they want to be included in the "AAA games" category.

    Professionals should produce quality work. I know, I know, that's a fucking outlandish opinion to hold these days, right?! It's like I said, Bioware are just shit. KOTOR2 was a long fucking time ago. Any street cred they had with that game is long since used up.
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  • I was so hyped for this game before the initial impression now I just couldn't give a shit. I may still get it some time down the line but right now I couldn't be less fussed.

    It's a shame because I booked time off work to play ME2 and 3 (they were different times).
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  • Also, the dialogue between NPCs, the casual stuff, is good.
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