Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 30/01/17
  • Been one of those weeks. Full update to follow, as I do actually have something to write about, for once!
  • Still puttering with The Order, unfortunately we live in a golden age of TV, and The Expanse has me in her grip.
  • Gears 4 - Went through the campaign again in co-op and did more Horde.

    Resident Evil 7 - Played through once. Good fun but still not sure how this fits into the Rezzy universe, but what the hell. Why start making sense now?

    Resident Evil 4 - Went through it again and halfway through a Pro playthru.

    Resident Evil 5 - Playing through again. Maybe at the halfway mark now.

    Resident Evil 0 Remake - Just about to get off the train.

    Resident Evil 1 Remake - Almost made a Jill Sandwich.

    Battlefield 1 - Played through the campaign. This game is way overhyped. The campaigns are nowhere near as good as some would have you believe. They're not terrible, but still fairly forgettable. I did like that finally we are starting to get some campaigns in which the allies failed, but publishers still aren't brave enough to let us see things from the axis point of view.

    Overwatch - Played some games and got some Chinese skins, including D-Va which is the main one I wanted. It ended up coming out of 2 loot boxes.

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