Post Your Christmas Haul
  • My Christmas haul, rien, zip, niks nada, nothing, christmas humbug! :P
  • I give you a noobie
    Noobied by 1NewAgeRed
  • Christmas is all about the munchkins at this point. More of a pain in the ass, really. I'm very fortunate in that I would need to develop a Ferrari or cocaine problem to outstrip my income, but it makes me hard to shop for. Literal luxury problems. The missus got me a couple of dork totems, but nothing to rival the Stan Lee signed Marvel art from a couple of years ago. I bought Dishonored 2 on sale, because even I get tired of Skyrim after a hundred hours. The most impressive gift I saw this year was the hand held knock off my wife got the five year old. 162 eight bit games on a tiny crappy thing that cost less than twenty dollars. Nobody with a console or DS would want it, but still wacky to think about ten games per dollar, portable hardware included. Yeah fuck Nintendo.
  • Elder Scrolls Online.
  • Watchdogs 2
    Every Gears of War game
    3DS Pokemon Moon
    Board shorts x2 and beach towel
    Star Wars Collection BluRay
    Lego Force Awakens PS3
    Bike parts
    Rice Cooker
    A few bottles of various types of booze
    A Trump Presidency

    Bought myself a few things too but they don't count.

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