Noobtoob's Week in Gaming, 28/11/16
  • Skyrim

    Got it on sale for PS4. It is a little prettier but the fast load times are so great. Might be my favorite game. Yeah it is a big web of fetch quests, but man what a huge, dense, lovely world. Been away long enough that it can surprise but, at the same time, some barrows and Dwemer ruins are familiar. Refreshing to play at level eight, instead of eighty. I had forgotten you can die. An old friend for the holidays.
  • Dark Souls 1 - Slowly going through it. Currently in Blighttown.

    Dark Souls 3 - Started NG+. I'm glad I played these games on the Bone. Made me appreciate just how good they are on Playstation.

    Titanfall 2 - A few multiplayer matches and a handful of campaign. Like the latter, not too keen on the former.

    Mario Kart - Getting my anus pulverized on 150cc.

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