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  • 1070s are hella nice. Enjoy.
  • Traitor!, your name will be added in the book of grudges :P
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  • I have had to replace my PC this week too as it inevitably died from me pushing it really hard for 2 years. I have got a GTX 1080 knocking about from my old PC and have got a an i7 6700k , mobo and RAM sitting around in a box. I will get around to building it these week hopefully. Should be good. (I have been using a raspberry pi at home so it has not been a fun time for me :P ).
  • Built my PC last night. Trying to recover a RAID 0 array with a different chipset was an absolute nightmare. Not helped with the fact that windows wouldn't play nicely with my other disk. In the end I gave up and formatted my SSDs, lost a crap tonne of stuff :/ . On the bright side I got my RAM running happily at 3200mhz (I doubt there is much improvement from slower speeds due to the higher timings) . Also my CPU runs crazy low temp which is always nice. Wish I hadn't had to replace my old PC (especially at a time I was short on cash :/ ) .

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