Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 21/11/16
  • Waiting for something good to get a deep discount on it's PS4 digital download code for black Friday. Either Skyrim or Bioshock would be nice. I doubt Dishonored 2 is gonna get a deal but here's hoping. I now really do not like physical disks, I just want to push the buttons and shoot things by pushing more buttons. I have now pushed enough buttons to write this message.
  • Dark Souls 1 - Got it free when I bought DS3 for the Bone. Back in Blighttown and feeling the 1fps chug. Online is dead far as I can tell.

    Dark Souls 3 - Also on Bone. About a third through it. It has also been a rather dead online experience.

    Dead Nation - Finished it on Normal on PS4. Next on to Grim.

    Mario Kart - Finished all the 100cc cups with 3 stars and made a start on 150cc.

    The Binding of Isaac - Bought it on WiiU and gave it a few goes in co-op. Pretty fun.

    Minecraft - Did some branch mining. Found a ton of diamonds.

    Tempted to try Overwatch on Bone too since I platted it on PS4.
  • Be the change you'd like to see, rather than just bitching about it.
  • I read everybody's posts, they're just not usually conducive to conversation, but I like hearing what people have to say about what they're playing.
  • Murdered Soul Suspect is a very easy plat. It's mainly all collectibles.
  • Skyrim on PS4 digital download just went on sale for thirty smackers. Boom shakalaka, back to my Bethesda heroin.

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