Pokemon Sun/Moon (3DS)
  • Got mine today. The release date is 5 days after the US :( . Got Pokemon Moon, should be good.
  • Buying a 3DS and this game when I get paid next week. Here I come Pokemon. I'll be picking up Moon!
  • The Skull gang duo are hilarious.
  • I bought alpha sapphire around the same time everyone was all hyped on Pokemon Go. I'm still slowly playing through that half an hour at a time after work each day.

    What big differences are there in this?
    Should I pick this up and start this instead?
    Are there more original Pokémon hanging around in this game?
  • @nutta27 @8drawt
    I booted up alpha sapphire to transfer my Pokemon across to the bank and thinking back, if you enjoy the game, I would recommend sun or moon in maybe six month's time. To give yourself some time away to then come back and enjoy it more.

    Oh and btw, we can't transfer our Pokemon from the bank into sun or moon until January. What I was doing before was hoarding up Pokemon in heart gold, white and sapphire with full intentions of going all Blastoise as soon as I could. Very sad I can't do so.
  • I'm about forty hours in but have only just completed the fifth challenge. I keep falling asleep because I've programmed my body to think Pokemon time = sleepy time even when I'm not in the bed.
  • My starter owl is fully evolved and I dislike him more. He went from stupid fringe flicker to insufferable hoodie hoodlum. But I'm still using him because grass, normal, ghost (signature arrow), and flying moves seem to just over run everything. My equally levelled growlithe is really struggling with his lack of tank and move versatility.
  • I am also 5 challenges in, and am trying to handicap myself by using weird teams and poor mixtures of Pokemon. The whole inter-dimensional storyline was sort of clumsy and not really needed. Unless it becomes much bigger later. Running around on Tauros is cool, cuts down on travel time. Also throwing those freaking slime Pokemon back into the ocean is an incredible source of money, but the game mostly provides you with all the items you need for free. I was surprised against my rival last night when Raichu busted out Psychic. Wtf dude. Didn't plan on that.
  • I like how Litten turned out. Not a wrestling fan but he went from cute to pretty tough looking. I agree that Rowlet's later stages aren't as good as the original. Glad I switched at the last second.

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